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Gopher Jewels and Hytelnet Services
Browse Gopher Jewels
Find Gopher Jewels Entries
Search Hytelnet Services
Browse Hytelnet Services

Reference Materials
Interactive Weather Map
Intellicast Weather Forecasting
Webster's Dictionary
Technical & Natural Language Dictionary (CERN)
Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing (Imperial College, London)
Acronym Dictionary
Roget's Thesaurus
CIA World Factbook 1993 (Searchable) at NWOCA

Searchable Indexes at Other Sites
Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet
Button Interface to Susi Searches (D. Rosen)
Clearinghouse for Subject-Oriented Internet Resource Guides
COMMA Hotlist Database - Subject Search
CUI Catalog
CUSI A unified WWW search interface
DejaNews Research Service - Search Usenet News
Directory of Scholarly E-Conferences (description)
WAIS Directory of Servers at Wais, Inc., or at CNIDR.
Global Network Academy Meta-library
Internet Frequently Asked Questions Database
List of Lists (University of Western Australia)
List of Discussion Groups (Dartmouth file via Nova-Links)
Lycos - WWW Information
Mailbase - UK's Major Electronic Mailing List Service
NetLink (Washington & Lee U.)
Planet Earth Home Page
Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists (Neosoft)
Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists (MIT)
Repository Based Software Engineering's URL Database (NASA)
UK Web Library
What's New, Too!
Whole Internet Catalog
World Wide Web Worm WWWW
The WebCrawler

Finding People and Addresses
Look Up People in X.500 Directories
Look Up People in Whois Database
Find Someone Using Finger
Find Someone Using Netfind

Locating Information and Software by File Name
Search Archie
Search Archie via Nexor's ArchiePlexForm

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