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    Many of our visitors have been kind enough to leave us their comments about our 'home on the web'. Here is a list of web sites which they have chosen to include with their comments. These sites may be their personal home pages, or their favorite places to visit on the web.

    If you have a web site which you would like to have listed here, be sure to leave us your comments in our Guest Comment Book.

    Please note that I choose to not link to any sites which contain objectional material. In my opinion, objectional material includes pornography, smut, adult rated content, violence, gratuitous violence, hate, racism, terrorism, devil worship & the occult, and language which contains excessive and unnecessary expletives.
    Please do not waste your time or mine by adding sites which contain objectional material to this list. They will be removed. Should you find a site on this list which you consider to be objectional, please be sure to let me know. (

Enjoy our Visitors' Links!

Visitor's Name Visitor's Link
The latest link was added Saturday, Jul. 28, 2018

Luann-Luann's page
Laura-Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Keith-World Of Treasures Decorative Light Switch Plates and Covers
Mary-Miss Mary's Emporium of the Quaint and Curious
Michele Orgell - Founder-ALL ONE HEART
Bonnie-Gemini's Dreamscape
Kari-Penny's place
Melissa-here's a cool address: entitled: What If (about God)
Luke Rao-1000 New Links
Peter A. Schmitt-Information center for Translators and Interpreters
Adam-It Changes Constantly
Erika-The Browns family home page
Sheri Smith-Figueroa-Spin2Knit
TARDY-Christophe et GaŽlle
Olga S. Hawwa-BeautiControl Image Consultant, Olga S. Hawwa, Rhode Island
Gary Kelly-Architecture and Thought
Russell Johnston-Where the web begins... in
Elas Giordano-funny poetry
cheryl wright-Nature Coast Outreach
April-April's CraZy Life
Christina-SpunSilver Jewelry Designs
Bhupesh Singh
W. Lee-window blinds and window treatments
MARIE M. COX-The Haiti Mission-The Dorcas Leroy Story a christian website. Please visit...
Paul Hixson-AltaVista
David Straayer-My Homepage
Phoebe-The Comfy Couch
Terry-Save Benjamin
Lindsey-Glory Days
Marietta-My Homepage
Allan Metz-Blondie, From Punk to the Present: A Pictorial History
Sabrina-Beatle Land
R. LeBlanc-Body Rings! Piercing and Non-Piercing Jewels! :D All new Great Prices!
Shari-My Family's Website
Kay Creed-This is me
Kelly Cory-pathetic, but it is google :-) -- so much for those news sites, google loads fast
Paula-Only Cookware

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