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     DILL-DIP - A cold dip

     I first discovered this dip at a reunion of old college
     roommates. It comes from the wilds of Farmington, Connecti-

INGREDIENTS (Makes 2/3 cup of dip)
     3 oz      cream cheese
     1 Tbsp    pimento-stuffed green olive (finely chopped)
     1 tsp     grated onion
     1/4 tsp   dried dill
     dash      salt
     1-2 Tbsp  light cream

          (1)  Combine first 5 ingredients

          (2)  Stir in enough cream to make the mixture have dip-
               ping consistency.

          (3)  Chill.

     Serve in a hollowed-out whole loaf of bread. Use the dis-
     carded bread for dipping.

     Difficulty: easy.  Time: 3 minutes preparation, several
     hours chilling.  Precision: no need to measure.

     Sid Shapiro - Wang Institute of Graduate Studies, Tyngsboro, Massachusetts
         [decvax, linus, masscomp]!wanginst!ss

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