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Here's a bread recipe I recently concocted to resemble Muffaletta bread.

1 c warm water
1 T sugar
1 pkg dry yeast (about 1 T)
3 c bread flour
1.5 t salt
2 T veg shortening

I put all the ingredients in my bread machine and run on "dough" setting.  When done,
I take it out, roll it into a large, not too thin, rectangle.  Then I sprinkle on 1 can of
chopped green chiles and 1 to 1.5 cups shredded cheddar.  Roll up jelly roll fashion, then
form the roll into a coil shape.

On greased baking sheet,  spritz with olive oil.  Cover with plastic.  Rise 1 hour.  Cook at
425 for 10 mins.  Reduce to 375 and bake 25 mins.

Hope you enjoy it if you try it!  My family loves it!

Sheri T.

Best Machine Sourdough Bread (ABM)    No. 3327         Yields 1 Loaf

   3/4 Tbls      Yeast                      1 Tbls      Oil
 2 1/4 Cups      Bread Flour                1 Cup       Sourdough Starter
     1 Tbls      Sugar                    1/2 Cup       Warm Water
     1 tsp       Salt

All ingredients except the water should be at room temperature before starting. Add the
ingredients to the pan in the order listed. Select "White Bread". Press "Start".

~~~ Adapted by Joan Mershon from a recipe by Helen Fleischer

Multi Grain Sourdough Bread (ABM)    No. 3217          Yields 1 Loaf

     2 tsp       Dry Yeast                  3 Tbls      Cracked Wheat (use
   3/4 Cup       Rye Four                               Wheatena Cereal)
     2 Cups      Whole Wheat Flour          1 tsp       Salt
 1 1/2 Cups      Bread Flour                4 Tbls      Molasses
     3 Tbls      Wheat Germ                 3 Tbls      Olive Oil
     3 Tbls      Oat Bran                 1/2 Cup       Sourdough Starter
   1/2 Cup       Corn Meal                  2 Cups      Warm Water
     2 Tbls      Gluten

Add the ingredients to the pan in the order listed.
Select "White Bread".
Press "Start".
~~~ Sharon Stevens

Wesley Pitts' Sourdough Bread (ABM)    No. 3445        Yields 1 Loaf

     3 Cups      Bread Flour              1/2 tsp       Baking Powder
   1/2 Cup       Sourdough Starter        1/2 tsp       Salt
     1 Tbls      Sugar                      1 Cup       Warm Water
     1 Tbls      Butter

All ingredients should be slightly above room temperature before starting.Add the
ingredients to the pan in the order listed. Select "White Dough". Press "Start". At the
completion of the dough cycle, select "Whole Wheat Bread" and commencea delayed
start cycle due to complete in 8 1/2 hours.
 ~~~ Wesley Pitts

Sourdough French Bread (ABM)    No. 3204               Yields 1 Loaf

   1/2 Tbls      Yeast                      1 tsp       Salt
 2 1/4 Cups      Bread Flour              1/2 Cup       Water, Tepid
     1 Cup       Sourdough Starter
     1 Tbls      Sugar

Add all the ingredients to the pan in the sequence listed.
Select "French Bread".
Press "Start".
Slowly drizzle the water into the machine while it is running. Add water until the
dough forms a rough ball which cleans the sides of the pan.If there is a wet smear under
the dough paddle, slowly add flour until the smear is gone. Let the dough knead for a
few minutes. There should be no wet smear under the dough paddle and the dough
should havea slightly tacky feel to it (your finger should come away clean).If the dough
feels dry instead of slightly tacky, add a just a few drops of water. NOTE: You may replace
 1/2 cup of bread flour with  1/2 cup of rye flour and add 1 teaspoon of caraway seed to
make a sourdough rye bread.
 ~~~ Joyce Monschein

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