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     SOUR-FRENCH - An old-fashioned sourdough French bread

     This is a hearty bread, possibly heavier than many people
     are used to.  The flavor is wonderfully tangy, and comple-
     ments just about any meal.  Try it with garlic butter!

     This bread is slow raising.  I usually spend two days on
     it-start the dough one day, let it rise overnight, then form
     the loaf and bake the next day. This recipe is from The Com-
     plete Sourdough Cookbook, by Don and Myrtle Holm.

     1 cup     sourdough starter
     1/2 cup   milk (any type, but I prefer whole milk)
     1 Tbsp    sugar
     2 tsp     salt
     2 Tbsp    shortening
     2 1/2 cups

          (1)  Combine milk, sugar, salt, and shortening in a
               pan.  Heat until shortening melts, then cool to
               lukewarm (about 110 deg. F.

          (2)  Stir milk into starter.  Add flour gradually,
               forming dough that pulls away from sides of the

          (3)  Kneed until smooth (about 15 min.), adding flour
               as needed to keep the dough from sticking to the
               board.  When done, the dough will be fairly heavy,
               but smooth in texture.

          (4)  Place in a well-greased bowl and raise in a warm
               place until doubled.

          (5)  Form into a long loaf (about 16 inches long).
               Place on a greased baking sheet and let rise
               again, until almost doubled.

          (6)  Cut diagonal slits in top of loaf with a sharp
               knife, and bake in a 400 degree oven until done,
               about 30-35 min.

          (7)  Remove from pan, and let cool in a draft-free

     Be careful that the milk mixture has cooled before adding it
     to the starter. If it's too hot, you'll kill the starter and
     the bread won't rise.

     Since the dough rises for a long time, I usually cover it
     with a damp towel to keep it from drying out.

     If you want a chewy crust, brush the top of the loaf with a
     mixture of corn starch and water before baking.  Also, plac-
     ing a pan of water in the oven while baking will make the
     crust a little softer.  I usually brush the loaf with butter
     after baking.

     Difficulty: moderate.  Time: 1 hour preparation, long rising
     time, 1/2 hour baking.  Precision: measure the ingredients.

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