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     CHOC-CAKE-3 - A decadently rich chocolate cake

     My mother got this recipe from a radio show about ten years
     ago. She was intrigued because the cake contains no flour.
     It is definitely for chocoholics.  Although it is a two-
     layer cake, it is only about 3-4 inches thick when it's
     done, and has the consistency and density of a chocolate
     candy bar.  It can be frozen if you find it too much to eat
     at one time.

INGREDIENTS (one cake)
     2 tsp     instant espresso coffee
     1/4 cup   hot water
     7 oz      semisweet chocolate
     2 oz      bitter chocolate
     4         eggs, separated
     4 oz      butter
     2/3 cup   sugar
     1/4 tsp   cream of tartar
     3/4 cup   sifted corn starch
     2 tsp     instant espresso coffee
     7 oz      semisweet chocolate
     2 oz      bitter chocolate
     2 Tbsp    butter

          (1)  Combine espresso, hot water, semisweet chocolate,
               and bitter chocolate in double boiler filled with
               hot water and cover.  Without applying additional
               heat, melt the chocolate.

          (2)  Butter two layer-cake pans, lay a sheet of waxed
               paper in each, and dust the pans with flour.  (The
               pans should be able to hold 4 cups each.)

          (3)  Beat the egg yolks and then gradually add 2/3 cup
               of sugar until the yolks are thick and lemon

          (4)  Beat butter into the chocolate mixture.  Add the
               chocolate mixture to the egg yolks and stir.

          (5)  Beat the egg whites until foamy.  Add the cream of
               tartar, and then gradually add up to 2 Tbsp sugar.

          (6)  Add the sifted corn starch gradually to the cho-
               colate mixture, alternating with the egg whites.
               The corn starch and egg whites should be folded in
               to the chocolate mixture.

          (7)  Pour half the batter into each cake pan.

          (8)  Bake on the lower middle level of a preheated 350
               deg. F oven until set on the sides.

          (9)  Cool the cake in the pan, and then turn out onto a
               serving dish.

          (10) Combine the icing ingredients and make the icing
               as per Step 1.  Ice the cake as you would a normal
               layer cake.

     Difficulty: difficult.  Time: 2 hours.  Precision: precise
     measurement important.

     Aviva Garrett
     Santa Cruz, California, USA
     Excelan, Inc., San Jose, California
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