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     MUFFINS-2 - Very rich and moist muffins with bran, raisins,
     nuts, and dates

     I experimented a lot to find the ultimate bran muffin
     recipe.  I started with a recipe from the Betty Crocker
     Cookbook, but I've changed it enough that I'm willing to
     take all the credit for it.

INGREDIENTS (12 large muffins)
     1         egg
     1 3/4 cups
     3/4 cups  vegetable oil
     1 cup     wheat bran
     1 Tbsp    baking powder
     1 tsp     salt
     1 cup     dark molasses
     3/4 cup   whole wheat flour
     3/4 cup   rice flour
     1/3 cup   uncooked oatmeal
     1 cup     chopped nuts
     3/4 cup   raisins
     3/4 cup   chopped dates

          (1)  Preheat the oven to 350 deg. F.  Grease the bot-
               toms of your muffin pan.  Chop the nuts and dates.

          (2)  Beat the egg, then add to it cream and oil.  Mix
               this together well, then mix in the bran and let
               it sit there and absorb liquid for about five

          (3)  In another large bowl measure and slightly blend
               the wheat and rice flour and the oatmeal.

          (4)  Now that it's been about five minutes, add the
               baking powder, salt, and molasses to the soaking
               bran and mix thoroughly.

          (5)  Dump the bran mixture into the flour mixture and
               blend a bit, then fold in the nuts, raisins, and
               dates.  Try not to mix too much because overmixing
               can degrade the texture of the muffins.

          (6)  Fill muffin tins about to the top and bake at 350
               deg. F for about 25 minutes.

     You can use milk instead of cream, but the muffins will not
     be as rich and moist.

     Using 1/3 hazelnuts and 2/3 walnuts adds a distinctive fla-

     I like to let the batter sit in the refrigerator for a while
     (a few hours to overnight) before I bake it.

     Difficulty: moderate.  Time: 15 minutes preparation, 30
     minutes baking and cooling.  Precision: measure the

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