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     YOGURT-CAKES - Amazingly good baking-powder and yogurt pan-

     Cooks like to show off by making fancy glamorous recipes to
     serve to their friends by candle light. Here is a simple
     ordinary recipe to serve to your family for breakfast in the

     I love pancakes and I make many varieties and I am an
     inveterate experimenter. This recipe is the one I have
     developed over the years to replace buttermilk pancakes
     because I never have buttermilk on hand in the refrigerator
     like my grandmother did. I made this recipe this very morn-
     ing with blueberries in it. I do have yogurt in my fridge,
     though, and the yogurt can substitue for the buttermilk.

INGREDIENTS (Serves 4-6)
     5         large eggs (or 6 medium eggs)
     1 1/4 cups
     8 oz      plain yogurt (I use Dannon and Knudsen. Other
               brands might require different amounts)
     1/2 cup   vegetable oil (or less for dieters; but use at
               least 2 Tbsp)
     2 1/3 cups
               white flour (measure carefully, after sifting)
     4 tsp     baking powder
     1 Tbsp    sugar
     1/2 tsp   salt

          (1)  Preheat griddle and oil very very lightly.

          (2)  Separate the eggs; beat the yolks in a bowl big
               enough to hold the whole recipe.  Add the yogurt
               and beat again; add the milk and oil and beat
               again. Rinse the eggbeater.

          (3)  In a separate bowl, mix all the dry ingredients
               (flour, baking powder, sugar, and salt). Sift
               together. I use a flour sifter for this, but if
               you insist on measuring your flour without sifting
               it, then you can try using a wire whip to blend
               the dry ingredients.

          (4)  Using a clean eggbeater, beat the eggwhites until
               they are fluffy.

          (5)  Dump the dry ingredient mixture into the big bowl
               containing the milk mixture, stir for about 2
               seconds just to get the dry ingredients under the
               surface of the liquid, and then dump the beaten
               eggwhites into the big bowl.

          (6)  Now beat this mixture lightly and slowly with a
               fork until it is more or less uniform. If you beat
               too much, or too fast, then it will get gummy.
               Don't try to get rid of lumps.

          (7)  Cook on the hot griddle.

     I like to put fresh blueberries in these pancakes after I
     pour them on the griddle. Make sure that your maple syrup is
     hot and that your butter is soft. You can heat syrup in the
     microwave or you can heat it by sticking the syrup jar in a
     pan of boiling water.

     This same recipe also makes really good waffles if you
     reduce the milk to 1 cup, but if you are going to make waf-
     fles, you shouldn't cut back on the oil. If you are dieting,
     stick to pancakes.

     Difficulty: easy to moderate.  Time: 10 minutes plus cooking
     time.  Precision: measure carefully.

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