1/2 ts Peppermint extract
      1 c  Butter                             
      1    Salt--dash
      1 c  Powdered sugar, sifted          
      2  1/2 c  Flour
      1    Egg                               
      1/2 ts Red food coloring
     1/2 ts Vanilla                       


     1 c  Powdered sugar                      
     4 ts Water (or more to make brushing consistency)
     1/4 ts Peppermint extract                       

In large mixing bowl, beat butter till sofened. Add powdered sugar and beat until fluffy.
Add egg, salt, vanilla and extracts. Beat well. Add flour and beat until mixed. Divide
dough in half. Stir food coloring into one half. Cover each half and chill about 30
minutes or till easy to handle. For each cooke, on a lifhtly floured surface shape a
teasponfool of plain dough and a teaspoonful of red dough each into 4" ropes. Place
ropes side-by-side and twist together. Pinch ends to seal and shape into canes. Place canes
2" apart on ungreasted sheet. Bake 375~ 8-10 minutes or until bottoms JUST begin to
brown. Remove to racks and cool, glaze with peppermint glaze. STORE: Airtight one
week, freeze three months.

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