Subj:  Death by Chocolate

From:  Hot1540627

You will need 1 lrg Crunch bar,2 boxes of Chocolate 
Jello instant pudding, 1 box of
Chocolate cake mix and a container Cool whip.Make the 
pudding,let it chill then make
the cake let it chill.Now your ready, in a lrg bowl, 
crumble cake and place as the 1st layer
in the ,bowl then spread pudding then spread cool whip 
and then pieces of the
crunch.Follow the same step over and over until you 
reach the top of the bowl,chill and
serve makes a great summer B-BQ dessert.  
When I make this recipe I bake my cake the night before 
and poke it with a fork to make
holes.  I then put 1/2 cup kaluha over the cake and 
let soak over night.  Proceed the next
day with the layers.  

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