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     EGG-MOUSSE - Simple appetizer for summer days

     This dish was served at a dinner I was invited to at the
     Vice-Chancellor's Lodge at the University of Liverpool when
     I was a student.  Mrs. Whelan, the VC's wife, gave me the
     recipe later.

INGREDIENTS (serves 6)
     6         hard-boiled eggs
     1 tsp     gelatine
     1 Tbsp    Worcestershire sauce
     2 tsp     anchovy essence
     5 fl. oz  chicken stock
     1 cup     whipped cream

          (1)  Finely chop the egg whites.

          (2)  Sieve the egg yolks.

          (3)  Add gelatine to chicken stock and heat until it
               dissolves.  Cool and allow mixture to begin to

          (4)  Put stock and seasoning into whipped cream.  Fold
               in yolks and whites, place in dish, and chill.

          (5)  Decorate and serve.

     A nice way to decorate is to peel some white grapes and
     chill.  Then before serving spread thinly a little caviar on
     top and place halved grapes on top of that.

     Difficulty: easy.  Time: 20 minutes preparation, several
     hours chilling.  Precision: Measure gelatine and stock.

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     AT&T Information Systems, Middletown, New Jersey, USA
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