Subj:  More Bachelor's Delights
From:  Bughunter5

OK, if you can't handle chili dogs in a bowl, this is a bit less distressing to your stomach
and your loved ones:

Stovetop Tuna Surprise (feeds two for about $1)

You will need:

One package macaroni and cheese, prepared according to package directions
1 6-oz can of chunk light tuna in oil, drained
1/2 can green peas (optional)

Prepare macaroni and cheese according to directions.  (If you don't have milk or butter,
don't worry - I've used just water on really bad days.  Once I used mayonnaise instead of
butter and milk - it was edible.)  Stir in drained tuna and peas.  (You're on your own as
to how you use the other half of the peas.)

Serves 2, but you can eat all of it and not suffer any repercussions (nor any percussions
whatsoever).  Serve right in the pan if you're not proud.  It saves dishes that have to be
washed later.

I know I've been a bit sarcastic about this meal, but I lived on this stuff when I was a
starving college student.  If prepared with milk and butter, it is actually quite tasty and
for the cost, you can't beat it.

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