Meatballs  (Albóndigas Económicas)



   * 1/4 kg (1/2 lb.) of ground beef
   * 1/4 kg (1/2 lb.) of ground pork
   * 1/2 cup of milk
   * 2eggs
   * 1/2 cup of bread crumbs
   * 1 onion
   * 10 mint leaves, chopped
   * 2 balls of pepper
   * 1 pinch of cumin powder
   * 2 tomatoes
   * 1 clove of garlic
   * 1 ancho chili
   * oil
   * salt


1. Mix the meat with the milk, half of the onion (chopped up), bread crumbs,
salt, cumin and the eggs. Form the meatballs by hand.

2. Toast, hollow out and soak the chili.

3. Toast peel and liquify the tomato together with the half onion, the
garlic, chili and pepper. Fry it together until the flavor peaks. Add three
cups of water and when the water begins to boil add the meatballs and cook
well (15-20 minutes).

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