Eggplant au Gratin  (Berenjenas Gratinadas)



   * 3 eggplants
   * 3 tomatoes
   * 1/4 onion
   * 2 cloves of garlic
   * 1 cup of grated cheese
   * oil
   * salt and pepper


1. Slice the eggplants. Place them in water with salt and vinegar to soak
for 10 minutes to take out the sticky juice.

2. Liquify the tomatoes with the garlic and onion. Fry until the flavor

3. Place the eggplant in a greased casserole dish and cover with the tomato
sauce and cheese.

4. Put them in a preheated oven on medium heat until the eggplants are
tender and the cheese has melted.

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