RELLENO-CASS - An easier way to make chili rellenos

     A friend of mine, Cynthia Ojeda, cooked this recipe for me
     once.  I told her it was good enough to share with the
     Usenet community, so she wrote it down for me.  Serve it
     with plenty of Spanish rice and salsa.

INGREDIENTS (Serves 4-6)
     6         large eggs
     1 lb      jack cheese
     1 lb      longhorn cheese (colby)
     8 oz      whole green chilies (1 large can)

          (1)  Preheat the oven to 350 deg. F.

          (2)  Separate whites from yolks. Whip whites until
               stiff. Beat yolks until smooth. Fold yolks into
               whites. Season, salt & pepper, as wished.

          (3)  Grate cheeses and combine together.

          (4)  Grease a 9x13-inch casserole dish.

          (5)  Spread small amount of egg mixture in dish.

          (6)  Split open green chilies and layer on top of mix
               in dish.

          (7)  Sprinkle grated cheese on top.

          (8)  Spread some more egg on top of that.

          (9)  Repeat steps 6-8 until the ingredients are gone
               (finish with egg).

          (10) Bake for 25 minutes, or until brown.

     Serve warm with salsa.

     Difficulty: easy.  Time: 15 minutes preparation, 25 minutes
     cooking.  Precision: no need to measure.

     Ed Post
     American Information Technology, Cupertino, Calif., USA
     From: calvin@stc (Calvin Sambrook)
     Subject: RECIPE: Rhubarb and banana fool
     Date: 27 Jun 86 03:40:59 GMT
     Organization: STC Telecoms, London N11 1HB.
     Approved: reid@decwrl.UUCP

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