Huevos Rancheros



   * 2 eggs
   * 2 tortillas
   * 1 tomato
   * 1/4 onion
   * 1 clove of garlic
   * serrano chili as desired
   * oil
   * salt and pepper as desired


1. Toast and peel the tomato and then liquify it with the chili, onion and
garlic. Add salt and pepper. Fry until it thickens a little and the flavor

2. Dip the tortillas in hot oil to heat them up and in the salsa for flavor.

3. Fry the eggs in oil, breaking them carefully so that the yolks do not
break. On top, pour the hot oil and continue cooking until the the white of
the egg is firm.

4. On a plate place the tortillas, and on top of each tortilla place an egg.
Pour salsa on top and serve hot.

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