Title: Mexican Stewed Fish
 Categories: Mexican, Seafood
      Yield: 4 servings
      1 tb Olive oil
      1 c  Chopped onion
      1 md Clove garlic, peeled and
      1 md Green bell pepper, seeded
           -and cut into thin slivers
     29 oz Mexican stewed tomatoes
    1/4 ts Salt
      1 ts Arrowroot or cornstarch *
  1 1/3 lb Rockfish fillets, cut into 4
           -serving pieces
    1/2 c  Frozen corn kernels
           Lime wedges
  * dissolved in 2 teaspoons water, or 1 tablespoon flour dissolved in 2
  tablespoons water
  In large skillet, heat the olive oil over medium heat. Add the onion
  and garlic; saute 5 minutes. Add the bell pepper; saute 3 minutes.
  Stir in the stewed tomatoes with the juices and the salt; simmer 20
  minutes. Stir in the dissolved arrowroot or flour mixture.
  Add the fish to the pan, spooning the tomatoes over. Sprinkle with the
  corn. Simmer, covered, 12 minutes per inch of thickness, or until the
  fish tests done (140 degrees on an in- stant read thermometer).
  Serve with the lime wedges, spooned over rice if desired.
  By Larry Brown of the Seattle Times writing in the San Jose Mercury
  News. 6/9/93.

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