Title: Palombo Coi Piselle
 Categories: Italian, Seafood
      Yield: 4 servings
      3 tb Olive oil
    1/2 c  Minced onion
      1 lb Ripe tomatoes *
      2 c  Fresh or thawed frozen peas
    1/2 ts Salt, or to taste
           Freshly ground pepper to
      4    Skinless leopard shark
           -filets **
      3 tb Chopped fresh mint leaves
  * peeled, seeded, and chopped, with juice ** or small shark steaks (1
  1/2 pounds in all)
  This is a loose interpretation of a favorite Roman dish. Palombo is
  the Italian name for a small shark related to leopard shark,
  typically cooked and served with peas. This recipe makes just enough
  sauce to moisten the fish; if you want to serve it over couscous, add
  another cup or so of tomato juice.
  Combine the oil and onion in a large skillet and cook over medium
  heat just until the onion begins to color. Add the tomatoes, fresh
  peas, salt and pepper and cook until the tomatoes release their
  juice, about 5 minutes. (Wait to add thawed frozen peas until you add
  the shark.)
  Season the shark pieces with a little more salt and pepper and lay
  them in among the vegetables. Cover and cook until the shark is
  tender, 6 to 8 minutes depending on thickness. Transfer the fish to
  warm plates, stir the mint into the skillet, correct the seasoning,
  and spoon the sauce and peas over and around the fish.
  PER SERVING: 395 calories, 41 g protein, 16 g carbohydrate, 18 g fat
  (3 g saturated), 87 mg cholesterol 492 mg sodium, 5 g fiber.
  Jay Harlow in the San Francisco Chronicle, 9/3/93.

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