Subj:  Easy Lowfat Meatloaf
From:  Brenlud

Meat Loaf
Servings:  4

      1 Egg                                    2 T  Oatmeal 
      2 T  Parmesan Cheese           1 T  Onion 
    1/4 t  Salt                              1/8 t  Pepper 
    1/2 lb Lean Hamburger           1/4 c  Catsup 
      1 T  Parsley                             1 T  Water 

  In a mixing bowl combine egg, oats, cheese, chopped onion, salt, and
pepper.  Add ground beef.  Mix well.  Pat into a 6 X 3 X 2 inch loaf pan.
In a small bowl combine catsup, parsley, and water;  pour over meat loaf.
  Bake 50 minutes at 350 degrees.
       This easy meatloaf has a nice flavor and isn't at all soggy.  Double
  the recipie for a traditional sized meat loaf.  I usually substitute oregano for the parsley
to give the sauce a little more flavor.

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