Subj:  Hands-off Tasty Beef Brisket
From:  JoeBosco

This is a recipe that came originally from my ex-mother-in-law, the wife of one of the
founders of the Sigman meat company.  The beauty of it is that it takes about 5 minutes
to get it into the oven and NO attention until you take it out and cut it up!  You can
serve it with just about anything you want, rice, potatoes or whatever.  If done right, it
makes a nice juice that's wonderful to pour over something suitably starchy.

1  Beef brisket, raw (not corned)
1-2 bottles of seafood cocktail sauce (depends on size of cut)
2  Packages of dry onion soup mix
1  Reynolds "cooking bag" (sized according to meat size)

Place the cooking bag in a standard 9X13 baking dish (metal or glass-doesn't matter), or a
larger pan if you've gotten a really BIG brisket!  Rinse off the brisket and place it inside
the cooking bag fat side up.  Liberally cover the fatty side of the brisket with the seafood
cocktail sauce, being careful to slop plenty over the sides as well.  Sprinkle both packages
of the onion soup mix on top of the cocktail sauce.  Add between a half cup and a full
cup of water (again, depends on how big the brisket is) to the bottom of the whole mess. 
Poke 4 or 5 holes in the top of the bag with a fork and close it up.  Cook it in the oven @
300 for between 3 and 4 hours (meat size again).  Open the bag, cut it in strips against the
grain and serve it up!

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