Subj:  MangoPepperBurger Overkill

From:  Zappafreak

I'm still licking my fingers as I type.  Light your 
grill and do this:

Mix for 2 patties:
3/4 lb ground sirloin (don't bother with anything else)
1 minced jalapeno
1/2 t fresh ground black peppercorns
2 T Pickapeppa sauce or favorite steak sauce
2 cloves minced garlic
1/2 t Tabasco
1 t Dijon mustard

Blend and mix ingredients,  form into patties.  Grill 
until desired degree of doneness.
Top with 2 slices of mango (remove peels) and fresh 
basil if you have it;  use lettuce if
not.  Add red onion slice.  For cheesemangopepperburger, 
 put favorite cheese on burger
about 2 min before removing from grill.  Eat on onion 

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