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     CHICKEN-CINN-1 - Chicken with tomatoes and cinnamon

INGREDIENTS (Serves 6-8)
     5 lbs     chicken, cut up (1 large chicken or 2 small chick-
     2         onions diced
     5         garlic cloves
     1/4 lb    butter
     1/2 cup   vermouth or sherry
     2 oz      brandy
     1/4 tsp   cinnamon
     1 tsp     cayenne pepper
     1 tsp     tomato paste
     1/2 lb    ripe tomatoes, diced

          (1)  In a large casserole, sauté onions and garlic over
               medium heat in butter until onions are soft.

          (2)  Brown chicken pieces in the butter and remove from
               pot as they are done.

          (3)  When all chicken pieces are browned, turn up heat,
               add vermouth and brandy to pot and stir until bub-

          (4)  Turn heat down to low, add cinnamon, tomato paste,
               and pepper, and stir until mixed.

          (5)  Add chicken back to pot, and add tomatoes. Cook
               over very low heat for at least 2 hours, until
               chicken is tender.

     Vary the seasonings to taste by leaving out the garlic or
     doubling it, or by increasing or decreasing the amount of
     cayenne pepper. You can use crushed red pepper flakes in
     place of the cayenne.

     Difficulty: easy.  Time: 15 minutes preparation, 2 hours
     simmering.  Precision: no need to measure, except the cay-
     enne pepper.

     Andrew L. Duane
     Compugraphic Corp., Wilmington, Massachusetts, USA
     From: joseph@ubc-medgen (Joseph Sotham)
     Subject: RECIPE: Chicken curry
     Date: 7 Mar 86 05:10:43 GMT
     Organization: U. of British Columbia, Dept. of Medical Genetics
     Approved: reid@glacier.ARPA

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