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  From:           Char Rice
  Subject:        Easy Chicken Cordon Bleu
  To:             Cooking
Easy Chicken Cordon Bleu
Chef: Bill Westfield

Last time this came up I suggested doing away with the complex and difficult stuffing,
rolling, and deepfrying, and instead make a cassarole type dish.  I have since actually
tried this, and it's pretty good:

2-3 parts diced cooked chicken
1 part diced ham
1 part diced or grated swiss cheese
cream, salt, pepper, etc
optional bread crumbs.

Combine the chicken, ham, and chese, along with some cream to moisten, and
seasoning to taste.  Top with crumbs, and bake until hot, bubbly, and slightly browned
on the top (or brown at the end with a broiler.)

Alternately, combine ham and chicken, and top with sliced swiss cheese.

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