Subj:  Easy Chicken for Picky People
From:  Funy Buny

This simple and delicious recipe for chicken is a winner every single time.  No sauces,
tricky preparations and is tender and delicious!

Lemon Roasted Chicken
4-6 Servings

2 3 LB Young Chickens
4 lemons
Salt and Pepper

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees
1.  Wash chickens inside and out and dry well with paper towels

2.  Roll lemons on counter to soften and pierce each lemon through the skin with a
skewer of some sort.  Each lemon should be peirced about 20 times.

3.  LIBERALLY salt and pepper the inside cavity (this  flavors the bird...and does not
season the meat) Put 2 lemons into each bird, truss and place breast side down in a
baking pan just large enough to fit the bird.

4.  Place in the preheated oven for approximately 25 minutes, then flip the bird breast up
for another 25 minutes.

5.  After 50 minutes have elapsed, turn up the oven to 425 degrees and roast till nicely
browed (approzxiamtely 20 more minutes).  You may deglaze the pan with some wine
or stock to make a light au jus sauce if you would like.

This chicken puffs up beautifully, is tender and moist and makes for a lovely
presentation...and I guarantee that your picky friends will eat it up!

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