Subj:  Garlic Crumb Chicken


                  GARLIC, CRUMBED CHICKEN

     2 tablespoons lemon juice
     2 garlic cloves, minced
     1/4 tsp. Tasbasco, or to taste
     Salt, to taste
     Cayenne pepper, to taste
     1/2 cup yogurt
     12 chicken drumsticks (or equivalent amount of 
     1 cup ground saltines
     1 tablespoon oregano
     1 tsp. dry mustard
     1 tsp paprika, or to taste
     4 tablespoons butter, melted

1.  In a bowl, combine lemon juice, garlic, Tabasco, 
salt, pepper, and yogurt.

2.  Skin the chicken and marinate in the yogurt mixture 
in the refrigerator for at least
three hours.

3.  Combine the ground saltines, oregano, dry mustard, 
paprika, and salt and pepper to

4.  Roll the chicken in the crumb mixture and place 
on a greased, foil-covered baking
sheet.  Brush wuth melted butter and bake in a 375-degree 
oven for 45 minutes.  This
may be served hot, but is best at room temperature.

Yield:  Four to six servings

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