Subj:  Miss Lee's Chicken


         Miss Lee's Chicken
   BBQ chicken recipe Korean style (by HUFFER2)


 6 chicken breasts,
 1 pear-apple,
 2 carrots,
 1 medium  onion
 2 tbsp honey,
 3 tbsp sesame oil,
 6 tbsp soy sauce, 
 4-6 big cloves of garlic (crushed),
 touch of ginger,
 6 tbsp rice wine (sherry substituted ok),
 black pepper to taste.

 Shred pear-apple, carrot, and onion together.  Add 

 remaining ingredients and mix well.  Trim all fat 

 from breasts, score meat.  Marinate at least six 
 hours (make in the morning for evening), or up to one
 or up to one week in the refrigerator.  Cook on 
 outside grill or in 350 degree oven.

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