Subj:  Oven Fried  Chicken and Gravy
From:  Grizzly981

Bette's Oven Fried Sesame Chicken and Gravy

This is GREAT, and makes the BEST chicken gravy.

                                                                                           425 deg
                                                                                             45 min
1/2            C          Canola Oil
2 1/2 #                  Chicken, cut up, or boneless breasts, but skin
                              on is best.   Rinse and pat dry
1/2           C           Evaporated milk
1               C           Flour
2               t           Salt
2               T           Sesame seeds
1/4           t            Pepper
1/4           t            Poultry seasoning
1               T           Paprika
1               t            Cayenne  [OPT- if you like it spicy]
28 oz       Can         Peach halves, drained and rinsed [OPT]

Put oil in large baking pan and in the oven to heat the oil.
Put Milk in a mixing bowl.  Mix next 7 ingredients in another bowl.  Dredge chicken in
flour, then milk, then flour and stack on plate.  Reserve leftover milk and flour
mixture.   Open oven and carefully pull out shelf.  Put chicken in oil skin side down. 
Put peach halves in pan and brush with oil.  Bake 25 min. [15 minutes for boneless], and
turn.  Bake additional 20 min [15 min for boneless].  When the peaches are browned,
remove and drain.  Remove chicken and drain.  

Chicken Sesame Cream Gravy

1       Lg Can        Evaporated milk
                           Plain milk to fill  [About 2 1/2 cups]
4           T            Cornstarch
                           Cold water
                           Salt and Pepper to taste
1-2       t             Cayenne   [OPT]

In a 4-cup measuring cup, put the leftover milk, the can of milk, and fill to 4 cups with
regular milk.  Put 4 T of the oil from the baking pan in a skillet.  Drain and discard the
rest, putting any crusty bits in skillet..  Scrape remaining bits into the skillet.  Add milk
mixture and heat on medium high.  Mix cornstarch with 1/4 C. cold water.  When milk
starts to steam, stir in cornstarch.  Stir constantly till thickened.  Remove from heat.

Serve with Mashed Potatoes and baked peaches.

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