CHICKEN-MACAD - Quick and easy chicken with macadamia nuts
     and honey

     I devised this recipe  last year. We like it a lot, and it's
     very quick.

INGREDIENTS (serves 2)
     1         garlic clove, pressed
     4         chicken breasts, boned
     1/4 tsp   dill
     1/2       sweet red pepper
     1/4 lb    green beans (optional)
     1         large tomato
     1/8 lb    macademia nuts
     4 Tbsp    honey
     1/8 tsp   sesame seeds
               sesame oil

          (1)  Slice or chop all ingredients.  Sauté the garlic
               in the sesame oil, until just fragrant.  Add the
               dill and the chicken, and sauté for about five

          (2)  Add the green beans and the red pepper; sauté for
               another couple of minutes.

          (3)  Add the tomato and the macademia nuts; sauté
               another minute or two.

          (4)  Add the honey and the sesame seeds.  Continue
               cooking just long enough to warm the honey.

     This is wonderful served with couscous.  I recommend using
     chicken broth when cooking the couscous.

     If you want to take the time, you can thicken the sauce with
     1/4 tsp arrowroot, or some cornstarch.

     Difficulty: easy.  Time: 20 minutes.  Precision: no need to

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