Savory Broiled Young Chicken

3      2-lb broilers, split       
     1   ts salt           
            freshly ground pepper
     1/2 ts MSG (optional)       
     1   TB honey      
     1   TB lemon juice
     Basting Sauce:
     1/2 ts rosemary     
     1/2 ts basil        
     1/2 ts chives
     1/2 C oil           
     3   TB soy sauce      
     2/3 C water
     Wash and dry chickens.  Rub with mixture of salt, 
     (MSG if using), honey and lemon juice.  
     Mix and heat the basting sauce.  
     Place chickens near hot coals to sear, browning 
     first.  When browned, move further from coals, 
     often, and basting frequently.  Cook about 25 minutes. 
     Serves 6.

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