CHICKEN-STFRY1 - Chinese stir-fried chicken with broccoli
     and nuts

INGREDIENTS (Serves 2-3)
     1 lb      boneless chicken breast
     12        white mushrooms
     1/2 lb    fresh broccoli (or 1 package frozen broccoli)
     1/4 cup   chicken broth
     2 Tbsp    soy sauce
     2 Tbsp    sherry
     1 Tbsp    cornstarch
     1         egg white
     1/2 tsp   salt
     1/2 cup   vegetable oil (peanut oil is best, but sunflower
               oil is good too)
     1/2 tsp   cornstarch
     6 oz      canned bamboo shoots (optional)
     6 oz      cashew nuts, broken into large pieces

          (1)  Cut the boneless chicken breast into bite-sized

          (2)  Wash and slice the mushrooms.

          (3)  If using fresh broccoli, wash and cut it up into
               bite-sized pieces.  If using frozen broccoli, heat
               it or partially thaw it first.

          (4)  Combine chicken broth, soy sauce, sherry, and 1
               Tbsp cornstarch. Stir well and set aside.

          (5)  Combine beaten egg white, salt, 1/2 tsp oil, and 2
               tsp cornstarch.  Add the chicken cubes to the mix-
               ture and stir until the chicken is well coated.

          (6)  In a wok or deep cast iron pan, heat 3 Tbsp veget-
               able oil until hot. Add the chicken pieces in
               small batches and stir continuously until golden
               brown.  After each batch is finished, remove and
               drain.  Add oil sparingly as needed.

          (7)  Stir fry the mushrooms in the wok.

          (8)  Stir fry the broccoli in the wok.

          (9)  Combine the chicken, mushrooms, broccoli, bamboo
               shoots, and cashew nuts in the wok. Stir fry to
               get everything warm again.  Add the bouillon-
               cornstarch sauce and stir until thickened.

     Serve with rice.  Don't forget to start the rice so that it
     will be done at the same time as the chicken.

     Bamboo shoots are available in cans at Chinese grocery
     stores.  Fresh broccoli is preferable to frozen, and it
     should be stir-fried for only a few minutes to keep it crun-
     chy.  Endless variations of this basic recipe are possible.
     Beef, pork, or other lean meats can be substituted for the
     chicken.  Tofu cubes or brown beans can be used to make this
     a vegetarian recipe.  Chopped almonds can be used instead of
     cashews.  Water chestnuts are a delightful addition.  Green
     or red bell peppers can be used instead of broccoli.

     Difficulty: easy.  Time: 45 minutes.  Precision: no need to

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