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1	tspn FENNEL seeds
3/4	cups WINE or CIDER
3	Tbspns OLIVE OIL
2	lbs SWORDFISH steaks
3-4 	Tbspns chopped fresh TARRAGON
	Freshly ground PEPPER
Garnish  LEMON quarters
Crush fennel seeds lightly, then simmer in the wine 
or cider for 5 minutes, reducing
slightly.  Stir in the oil.  

Bring fish to room temperature just before cooking. 

1]  TO GRILL - Paint both sides of the fish with the 
wine-fennel-oil marinade, and grill
3-4 minutes per side painting again as you turn over 
steaks, until the flesh  can be easily
pierced but is still moist and the exterior is marked 
by golden stripes fron the grill.  At
the last minute while the fish is still cooking, sprinkle 
on the chopped tarragon, letting
the herb asorb some of the surface juices.  Sprinkle 
with salt and pepper, and serve with
lemon quarters.

2]  TO BROIL - Line a broiling pan with foil and grease 
it w/ 1 Tbspn butter or oil.  Place
the fish steaks on the foil, pour the wine-fennel-oil 
marinade over them, and sprinkle
w/ salt and pepper.  Place the broiling pan at the highest 
level under a preheated broiler
and broil 5 minutes, then turn, baste with pan juices, 
and broil another 4-5 minutes on
the other side.  Sprinkle w/ tarragon on top and serve 
with lemon quarters.

Serves 4

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