Title: Prawns with Crab Sauce
 Categories: Seafood
      Yield: 6 servings
  1 1/2 c  Crab meat
    3/4 c  Evaporated milk
    3/4 c  Margarine - melt and divide
    1/4 c  Flour
      3 tb Heinz 57
    1/4 c  Green onion
      2 lg Cloves garlic, minced
           Salt and pepper to taste
           CRAB SAUCE:
      3 tb Margarine
      2 tb Flour
      1 c  Evaporated milk
    1/2 c  Cheddar cheese
      1 tb Heinz 57
    1/4 ts Salt
    1/2    Cub crab meat
  In a medium bowl combine stuffing ingredients - reserve 1/4 cup
  margarine, refrigerate. Clean shrimp. Make a shallow cut lengthwise
  down back of shrimp. Place shrimp in greased baking dish cut side up.
  Place stuffing in each shrimp, brush shrimp with reserved margarine.
  Bake at 350 12-20 minutes depending on size of shrimp.
  Over medium heat, melt margarine, stir in flour. Slowly add milk,
  stirring constantly until mix begins to thicken. Add cheese, 57 sauce
  and salt. Stir until blended. Remove from heat. Add crab meat. Serve
  crab sauce over shrimp.

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