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     SALMON-PATTIES - Salmon burgers for snack or main course

     This is a very nice finger food-great for lunch on a hike.
     Or they can be served hot as a main course.

     1 lb      canned salmon, (either pink or red)
     pinch     salt
     1         small onion, diced
     1/4 cup   bread crumbs, plain or spiced
     2         eggs
     1 tsp     lemon juice

          (1)  Mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl.

          (2)  Form into patties about 1/2 - 3/4 inch thick and 2
               1/2 - 3 inches diameter.  This should make about 8

          (3)  Fry in oil or butter until brown and crispy, or
               else bake in a well-greased pan at 400 deg. F
               until brown (about 15 minutes).

     I usually make a double batch.

     These are great either hot or cold.  If you take them out of
     the freezer in the morning and put them in your backpack,
     they'll be just right by lunchtime.

     Difficulty: easy, especially if you like squishing stuff
     with your hands.  Time: 5 minutes preparation, 15 minutes
     cooking.  Precision: no need to measure.

     Glenn Trewitt
     Center for Integrated Systems, Stanford University
         {ucbvax,decvax}!decwrl!glacier!trewitt, trewitt@su-amadeus.stanford.edu
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     Date: 26 Dec 86 04:47:28 GMT
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