Subj:  Acbyron's Tuna Cakes

3/4 c chopped celery
3/4 c chopped onion
2T cream cheese
2t lemon juice
1/8t red pepper
1/3 c breadcrumbs
1t dried dill
1 can tuna in H20 (9 1/4 oz can)
egg white

Coat skillet with cooking spray, heat over medium high heat.  Saute 1st two ingred. 'til
tender.  Place in a bowl with cream cheese and next 2 ingred.
Add crumbs and next 3, and divide into 8 equal portions.  In a skillet over medium high
heat, cook 4 cakes, 2 min. on each side.  Repeat at remaining 4 cakes.

Dill Tartar Sauce
2T mayo 1T plain togurt
1T onion, chopped
1T cucumber, chopped
1t dill, dried
1t lemon juice.

Combine in small bowl.  Serve with tuna cakes.

Hope you like it!

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