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Butch Spaghetti

(Once made, Butch Spaghetti is perfect to get you through a couple of cookless days, and
yet with the addition of chunks of french bread,  olive oil for bread-dipping, and a
package of that Italian-mix-salad-with-all-the-different-kinds-of-lettuce that you can buy
at the supermarket, together with some oil and vinegar, you can assemble a pretty
decent dinner for two in under twenty minutes with a little practice.  Butch Spaghetti
itself takes about ten minutes.)  

You will need:  
about eight ounces (half a package) of spaghetti;
one chicken bouillion cube;
3 or 4 cloves of garlic (personally, I like more...);
a tablespoon or two of crushed red chili peppers;
3-3 1/2 tablespoons of olive oil;
water in a pot;
a big strainer or a collander or one of those big, round, flat screen-things with a handle;
a spatula;
a frying pan;
a *sharp* knife.

You do:              
Put the water in a pot and throw the bouillion cube in with it.  Turn the heat up really
high.  Peel the garlic cloves and then chop up the garlic as small as you can.  Check the
water and stir it around with the spatula till the bouillion cube has pretty much
dissolved.  (*Break the spaghetti in half*, if it's a dinner for two...high femmes *hate* to
eat long strands of spaghetti, don'tcha know...) When the bouillion-water is boiling, put
the spaghetti in  Stir it around so it separates; the bouillion makes it extra good and
keeps it from clumping.)  Hang out for a minute or two.  Then put the oil in the frying
pan, throw in the garlic, wait a minute, and add the crushed chili-peppers.  Stir that
around about half a minute or so, and take it off the heat.  By this time, the spaghetti
should be done, but you better try a strand and see.  Drain the spaghetti through the
collander or the strainer or that other thing and either put it in a bowl (if for two) or
back in the pot.  Then you throw the sauce in, and toss the spaghetti around until it's
well covered. Have some strong Chianti or Pomerol with it.  
One of the best things about this dish is that if you're a butch cooking for just yourself,
you can eat it right out of the pot, and as it'll make a couple of meals, you can just put a
lid on the pot and stick it right in the icebox.  *Very* quick and handy!

Submitted by: Pirie@aol.com

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