Subj:  Pasta!
From:  Ricardo

Pestos are great, walnut, pine nut, reggiano, or whatever, but if you want to make your
boca ballare (mouth dance) you've got to try  Penne Putanesca.  (Actually, you don't
HAVE to eat penne pasta, which are those diagonal cut (pens) straight macarini-looking
guys.  You can use the putanesca sauce on any firm non-stranded pasta.   Putanesca
means, well..., uh, you know, a professional woman, the oldest profession that is.  It's as
spicy as its name implies;

1/2 cup sun dried tomatoes
1/2 cup italian black olives or calamata olives (yes, the skanky string ones)
2 tbsps capers
4-5 cloves garlic
1/3 cup olive oil
1/2 teaspn red pepper flakes (yes, the hot ones)

Take all of this and; 

Get your pasta going first, then

saute the garlic (chopped real small or run through your garlic press) for just a few
minutes on med /med high. DON'T burn it crisp!

then add the rest of ingred's and lightly toss and saute for an additional 8-12 minutes,
being careful not to let anything get dehydrated or crispy.

Drain pasta, drench pasta in pan or pot wtih ingred's, stirring to coat everything.  Serve
with reggiano or pecarino cheese grated over the top.  We're talkin' serious mouth
action here.

Buon Appetito and Ciao!

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