Subj:  Lisa's Perciatelle alla Checca

Perciatelle is a type of shape of pasta that i find goes well with this fresh "raw" sauce.  I
have enjoyed experimenting and modifying the ingredients to this sauce by the addition
of different cheeses;

Add to a bowl:
   7-8 canned Roma tomatoes  (no juice) 
          dice the tomatoes in the bowl
   2 loosley packed cups of roughly chopped
          fresh basil leaves
  10-12  fresh--not canned black Italian/
          Greek olives cut them in 1/2 and             
          remove pits
  1/4 cup of finest extra-virgin olive oil
  1+1/2  tsp of dried red pepper flakes
  2     cloves of fresh chopped garlic
  3     shakes of garlic powder-not salt(opt)
         salt & pepper to taste     

Cover Bowl.
  Grate 3/4 cup of Fresh Smoked Mozzarella
  Grate  Fresh finest Parmeggiano  Reggiano 
         you can find
Cook pasta until al dente.       
Strain  pasta & put pasta back in pot on lowest heat on stove;  quickly add sauce in bowl
and both cheeses;  toss quickly and well until cheeses and sauce have blended;
remove from stove and place pasta into beautiful large serving bowl.  
Add some extra fresh & finely chopped basil to the top of the pasta just before serving &
ENJOY with a fine Italian Wine.            

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