Subj:  Turkey Sausage Linguine
From:  MikAnie

Here's a really yummy, (almost) healthful sausage & pasta recipe!

3 Pounds Spicey Turkey Sausage Links
(I use the brand Turkey Store)
2 Pounds of Linguine
(I use creamette)
Bertolli Olive Oil (the golden colored one!)
Balsamic Vinegar (get any cheapo brand)
Basil (at least a half cup fresh or freeze dried)
Big Red Onion-sliced into nice thin(not too thin) rings

Okay!  Here we go!

Get a rectangular pyrex dish--with a cover--big enough to hold all the sausages.  Start
with a layer of a half dozen or so red onion rings then lay a row of sausages on top. 
Sprinkle a very healthy later of basil and some more onion rings and repeat until the
dish is full of layers of sausages and basil and onion.  Then pour equal portions of
enough olive oil and balsamic vinegar over the sausages, soaking them really well, so
that they are (just about) covered with the oil and vinegar mixture.  Cover the whole
thing and let them sit in the fridge at least one night, preferably two.

Then barbecue those babies!!!!!

While the sausages are barbecuing, pour the mixture they marinated in, onions and
basil and all, into a good fry pan or electric fry pan.  Sizzle on low heat the whole time
the sausages are barbecuing (probably 20-25 minutes). 

All the while, you are boiling the water and cooking up the two pounds of linguine!

FINALLY!  Slice all those sausages up into bite sized pieces, and toss them with the
linguine and the marinade into one big yummy pot of pasta and sausage!  (My husband
and I will eat this for a week, or you can easily feed a family of four with leftovers for

Get some Asiago cheese (instead of the usual parmesean/romano) and freshly grate it
over each dish.  

We like to start with a caesar salad and either a hearty chardonnay or chianti. 


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