Subj:  Patate al Forno

From:  Sunny28537

Oven Potatoes
Ingredients: Potatoes, garlic (fresh, and to desired 
taste) Olive oil (to fill bottom of
casserole dish), roesemary (to desired taste), salt.
Peel the potatoes. Cut into small pieces and put in 
a casserole dish.  Add garlic (cut into
small pieces), salt, oil and rosemary.  Mix.  Put inthe 
oven on 250 degrees celcius and
cook for 3040 minutes.  Mix one time.

in Italiano

Pelare le patate.  Tagliarle a pezzetti e metterle in 
una caseruola.  Aggiungere l'aglio,
l'olio, il sale e il rosmarino.  Mescolare.  Mettere 
un forno a 250 e lasciar wocere 30-40
minuti.  Mescolare una volta.

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