Subject: Another Pasta Salad
From:  Virginia M. McLaughlin
To:  Food & Recipes

I really enjoy a good Summer Salad, and this is one of my families favorites. It's quick
and tasty.
( All ingredience portioned to your taste)

Use a box of your favorite tri-colored rotini or spirelli (spelling?)
Cooked, drained,and cooled of course. 
Then add the ingredience of an Italian Sandwich, and a bottle of Ken's Light Ceaser
salad dressing. Can't find Ken's, you say. Just use your favorite Ceaser dressing, I'm sure 
it  will do just fine.

What's in an Italian sandwich?, you say. 
That consists of-
White american cheese,  (I prefer Land O Lakes,myself)
Domestic ham,  (for which I sometimes substitute Pepperoni) 
White onion,
Tomatoes,   (preferably plum)
Green Peppers,
 Dill, or sour Pickles,  (for which I substitue Cucumber)
And your favorite Black Olive.      (California for me, But I know those who like Greek
Olives as well)
 Cube Ham and Cheese
 Dice all vegetables    
 Toss all ingredience, Chill and Enjoy.      :-)  

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