Great Summertime salad

This is an excellent salad for hot-weather days that I got for a
friend of mine:

Dice: 2-(peeled)cucumbers
         2- tomatoes
          1-onion (any color, go w/what you like best)

Add: 1/3 to 1/2 bottle of Bernstien's Italian
         4-5 Tbs. Balsalmic Vinegar
          Several squirts of Tobasco Sauce (really!)
  (optional): 2 Tbs. Distilled Vinegar
	   Ground Pepper to taste
	  1 Bunch of radishes, diced (a VERY NICE touch!)

Stir well and serve cold. Even better after having set in the 'fridge

Berstien's isn't the ONLY Italinan dressing you can use here (this
ISN't an ad for them!), but we've liked it the best of several.
Likewise: Red Wine vinegar can be subsituted, at need, for the
Balsalmic, but it's best with the latter.


-Jerry Campbell @ LWOL    or    Boughrain@AOL.COM

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