Subj:  Marshall Fields Chicken Salad

From:  Grizzly981

Marshall Fields Chicken Salad

This is THE BEST chicken salad I have ever had...   
It's multi-step, but well worth the
time...   Spread it out over several days...

Use to make Marshall Field's Chicken Salad Sandwiches, 
posted separately.

From Dominique Fouillard-Bayat, Ex Chef of Marshall 
Fields, in Houston.

Step 1

Homemade Mayonaise
Food Processor
1                         Egg, whole
1             t          Dijon
1/4         t          Salt
Process together 1 minute.

1 1/2    cup        Canola oil
Add to running processor in slow, steady stream.  Continue 
to run till emulsified, then
1 minute.

1 1/2      T         Lemon juice, fresh
Pinch                 White pepper
1+         dashes   Cayenne

Whirr to mix.  Refrigerate.

Step 2

Chicken Salad Dressing

1/2           C         Homemade Mayonaise, above
1/4           C         Sour Cream
1               T         [heaping]  Dijon
1               t         Sugar
1/4           t         Salt
1/4           t         [heaping]   White pepper
2 1/2        t         Lemon juice

Mix well.

Marshall Fields Chicken Salad

1 1/2       C         Shredded boiled chicken
1/2          C         Celery, finely chopped
2              T         Green Onions, finely chopped
1/4          C         Pecans, toasted, chhopped
1        recipe       Chicken Salad Dressing

Mix well and refrigerate at least 2 hours.

Variation:  If eating as a Salad, try adding 1/4 C. 
halved Thompson seedless grapes.

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