Title: Bistro Moncur Potato and Mussel Salad
 Categories: Salads, Seafood
      Yield: 6 servings
    500 g  Pink eye potatoes, peeled
           -and diced
      1    Head fennel, trimmed and
           -sliced thinly
  1 1/4 kg Mussels in the shell
      4 tb Small black olives
      2    Tomatoes, peeled, deseeded
           -and diced
      8    Leaves basil, torn
    200 ml Virgin olive oil
     30 ml To 40 mL white wine vinegar
           Salt, pepper
      1    Clove garlic, crushed
      2 ts Saffron stamens
  Steam potatoes until tender. Clean mussels and open by placing in a
  large pan with a tight fitting lid and heating. Remove mussel meat
  from shells.
  Make vinaigrette by infusing saffron from stamens in 1/2 tablespoon
  hot water. Rub a bowl with the crushed garlic and add oil, vinegar,
  salt and pepper to taste and saffron infusion. Mix well. While
  potatoes are still hot, dress liberally with the vinaigrette.
  Assemble the rest of the ingredients and toss all together.
  From an article by Meryl Constance in The Sydney Morning Herald,
  5/25/93. Courtesy Mark Herron.

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