Taco Salad

1st Layer:
Equal Parts Sour Cream and Cream Cheese softened to room temp.
(I use 16 oz. each for a dish about 9x13)  
Mix with 1 T Worcestershire sauce  (I use 3 -4 T)
Spread in serving dish.  Chill
Optional: Add Finely chopped onion, dried onion, parsley, or chives.

2nd Layer:
Brown ground beef or turkey.  Drain Well.  Add 1 package Taco
Seasoning mix (Mild) per 1# Meat.  Follow package directions.  Cool
then spread over 1st layer.  Chill till cold.

3rd Layer:
Spread chopped lettuce over meat, add chopped tomatoes then
salt tomatoes, then add finely chopped onion and green pepper. 
Top with Shredded Taco Seasoned Cheese.  Chill till ready to

Serve with round taco chips. (2 Bags)

Let stand about 1 hour out of refrigerator before serving to
soften.  You may want to serve with a spoon.

To make ahead - make first 2 layers in advance then add fresh
vetg. before serving.

I make several pounds of seasoned meat at once and freeze in
individual freezer bags for future use.


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