Subj:  M. Fields Chicken Salad S'Wich

From:  Grizzly981

Marshall Fields Chicken Salad Sandwich

This sandwich is AMAZING!!  It's one of those taste 
combinations that just drives you
crazy!!  Marshall Fields Restaurant used to get $5.95 
for this about 15 years ago.


1               Slice            Sweet, dark, whole-grain 
bread.  Thick slice      
                                     if Homemade.   
"Earth Grains" brand Honey
                                     -Walnut Whole Wheat 
is great.
1/2              C.              Marshall Field's Chicken 
Salad, posted   
3               Slices          Perfectly cooked crisp 
bacon, thin slices
1               Slice            [thick, 1 to 1/2  oz] 
  Provelone or White 
                                     American cheese, 
as preferred

Cover bread with the chicken salad.   Place under broiler 
1+ minutes, till heated but not
bubbly.   Remove and place bacon, then cheese on top. 
   Return to broiler and melt
cheese.   Serve immediately.   FANTASTIC!!!!

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