MOZZ-FRIED(A)            USENET Cookbook            MOZZ-FRIED(A)
     MOZZ-FRIED - Fried mozzarella sticks with marinara
INGREDIENTS (Serves 4-8)
     1 lb      mozzarella cheese
     1/2 cup   flour
     3         large eggs
     1 cup     bread crumbs
     1/2 tsp   garlic powder
     1/2 tsp   oregano
     1/2 tsp   ground cumin
     pinch     salt and pepper
     8 oz      marinara sauce, chilled
               vegetable oil
          (1)  Cut the mozzarella into sticks a bit 
more than
               about 1/4 in thick, and about 1 1/2 in 
long.  Coat
               the sticks with flour, shaking off excess.
          (2)  Combine the bread crumbs and seasonings 
in a flat
               dish.  Beat the eggs and place in a separate 
          (3)  Coat the sticks by dipping them in the 
egg and
               then in the bread crumbs. The coating 
on the first
               stick should be fairly dry when you finish 
               last stick.  Repeat with another dip 
in the egg
               and then in the bread crumbs.
          (4)  Deep-fry the coated sticks in oil for 
about 3 to 4
               minutes until the coating is cooked. 
 Fry in
               batches, keeping the finished ones warm 
in the
          (5)  Serve with chilled marinara sauce or 
     Use your imagination when choosing spices. The 
spices listed
     here are just a suggestion.
     Be careful when frying, as some sticks split open 
when they
     are done, leaving lots of cheese in your frying 
oil.  You
     may need more egg or bread crumbs, depending on 
how many
     sticks you have and how thick you coat them.
     Difficulty: moderate (frying skill required).  
Time: 10
     minutes preparation, 5 minutes cooking.  Precision: 
     mate measurement OK.
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