Subj:  Oyster Stuffing

From:  GeorgeD522

1-16 oz. Pepperidge Farm cornbread stuffing (unseasoned)
1 C.       Onion
2/3 C.    Celery
1 C.        Mushrooms Chopped
3 Slices  Bacon  Fried crisp
1 stick butter
16 Oz.    Oysters Chopped  (Save juices)
1/2 tsp.   Cayanne pepper
1/2 tsp.   Black pepper
1   tsp.    Paprika or more to taste
1   tsp     Sage
1   tbs.    Poultry seasoning
2   tsp     Parseley
1/3 C.     Chicken Broth (home made of course, if not 
use Campbells)
Place cornbraed in large bowl. Sautee all vegetables 
in 3 tbs of butter. Fry bacon and chop.
 Add all seansonings to bread
stir in well . Add oysters and bacon and stir well. 
 Add oyster
juice stir in well. Add Chicken broth till moist consistency 
attained. This is the tuff part you do not want to turn 
this stuffing to soup.Just enough
to make it moist, if to much is 
broth is added and more bread.
Stuff your bird cook as directed.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving 

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