Subj:  Stuffing--Southern cornbread

From:  DanHicks

Fix cornbread according to package directions (cup flour, 
cup cornmeal, cup milk, etc)
but leave out sugar and add an extra half-cup cornmeal.

Chop two medium onions and three large stalks celery. 
 Into chopped veggies mix tbsp
salt, scant tbsp pepper, and (like the song) tbsp dried 
parsley, scant tbsp sage,  tsp
rosemary (crushed/ground into small pieces), tsp thyme. 
 Mix well (assures good mixing
later without overworking cornbread).

Break up cornmeal into small chunks (but don't grind 
to powder).  Mix in veggies and
spice.  Add one cup chicken/turkey broth.  Stuff bird 
with part (but don't overstuff),
place remainder in casserole & bake approx 1 hour 
with turkey.

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