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Subj:  Stuffing

From:  PhotoImp

When we roast our turkeys, we use the following method 
to stuff the bird,
and have had favorable comments by all:

Cook up a small package Uncle Bens of other brand wild 
rice/white rice mix  per
directions.  We then use 1 package of commercial stuffing 
( such as Pepperidge Farms ) and prepare it as directed, 
except that we use either chicken
stock or vegetable stock in place of any water.  At 
this point we go our own way, by
combining the two together, and adding chopped onion, 
chopped celery, poultry
seasoning, a small amount of garlic powder, and a slight 
amount of fresh ground white
or black pepper.  We then stuff the bird, reserving 
any additional stuffing for baking in a
shallow baking dish - baking until the top is crispy.



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