Subj:  Cheese Potato soup

From:  Nb9l

This is from Mother Earth from twenty years ago.

     Boil about 1 lb of potato per person your going 
to feed. (3 peeled potatoes per person).
     Strain, save the water and mash adding some of 
the above water to ease mashing but
keep it pretty thin..
     Brown 3 pats of butter in 3 tsp of flour in a seperate 
     Cut up enough of your favorite cheese into 1/2 
inch cubes.  (I use Amish swiss).  Line
the bottom of a bowl with the cheese.
     Put the potato mixture back on low heat and ad 
the butter flour and steep.
     When the potatoes are boiling and thick pour over 
the cheese.
     I put minced scallions or onions on top.

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